Al Green ??? Al Green Sculpture Park 0
Anne Brown Relief Front St. 0
 Head of a Horse
Emanuel Hahn Head of a Horse The Guild Inn 0
 Bust of Man
Sarah Jackson Bust of Man Mount Sinai Hospital 0
Antoine Poncet Christalides The Guild Inn 0
Bina Smith Woman Mount Sinai Hospital 0
 Unknown (1)
Unknown Unknown (1) Mount Pleasant Cemetery 0
 Unknown (2)
Unknown Unknown (2) York University 0
 Unknown (6)
Unknown Unknown (6) Davenport Rd. (near) 0
 Immaculate Conception
Unknown Immaculate Conception Queen St. 0
E.B. Cox Untitled North York 0
 Unknown (7)
Unknown Unknown (7) Queen St. 0
 Unknown (10)
Siggy Puchta Unknown (10) Mount Pleasant Cemetery 0
 Unknown (3)
Unknown Unknown (3) Mount Pleasant Cemetery 0
 Unknown (8)
Unknown Unknown (8) Mount Pleasant Cemetery 0
 Unknown (11)
Sara Tesolin Unknown (11) Mount Pleasant Cemetery 0
 One Ninety North
Anne Harris One Ninety North Baycrest Hospital 0
 Torah Torah
Anne Harris Torah Torah North York 0
 Unknown (18)
John McEwen Unknown (18) Rogers Centre - Skydome (near) 0
 Unknown (4)
Al Green Unknown (4) Merton St. 0
 Norman Bethune
Unknown Norman Bethune York University 0
 Unknown (16)
Unknown Unknown (16) St.Clair Ave. 0
 Unknown (17)
Unknown Unknown (17) King St. 0
 Unknown (20)
Unknown Unknown (20) Bay St. (near) 0
Unknown Sunflowers Front St. 0
 Canada Geese
Unknown Canada Geese Queens Quay 0
 Unknown (21)
Unknown Unknown (21) Baycrest Hospital 0
 Unknown (22)
Unknown Unknown (22) North York - Yonge St. 0
 Unknown (23)
Unknown Unknown (23) Distillery District (near) 0
 Unknown (24)
Unknown Unknown (24) Sheppard Ave. 0
 Unknown (25)
Unknown Unknown (25) North York - Yonge St. 0
 Unknown (28)
Unknown Unknown (28) Queen St. 0
 Unknown (29)
Unknown Unknown (29) Yonge St. (near) 0
 Unknown (5)
Unknown Unknown (5) Weston 0
 Guitar Player
Al Green Guitar Player Al Green Sculpture Park 0
 Sir John Colborne
George Gammon Adams Sir John Colborne Forest Hill 1866
 Queen Victoria
Mario Raggi Queen Victoria Ontario Parliament 1870
 Canadian Volunteer Monument
Robert Reid Canadian Volunteer Monument Ontario Parliament 1870
 George Brown
Charles Bell Birch George Brown Ontario Parliament 1884
 Egerton Ryerson
Hamilton MacCarthy Egerton Ryerson Ryerson University 1887
 Sir John A.MacDonald
Hamilton MacCarthy Sir John A.MacDonald Ontario Parliament 1894
 North-West Rebellion Memorial
Walter Allward North-West Rebellion Memorial Ontario Parliament 1895
 Casimir Gzowski
Frederick Turner Dunbar Casimir Gzowski Waterfront 1896
 Robert Burns
David Watson Stevenson Robert Burns Sherbourne St. (near) 1902
 John Graves Simcoe
Walter Allward John Graves Simcoe Ontario Parliament 1903
 Oliver Mowat
Walter Allward Oliver Mowat Ontario Parliament 1905
 War of 1812 Memorial
Walter Allward War of 1812 Memorial Wellington St. (near) 1906
 John Sanfield MacDonald
Walter Allward John Sanfield MacDonald Ontario Parliament 1909
 South African War Memorial
Walter Allward South African War Memorial University Ave. 1910
 Florence Wyle
Frances Loring Florence Wyle St.Clair Ave. 1914
 Three figures
Frank Lloyd Wright Three figures Rosedale 1914
 Frances Loring
Florence Wyle Frances Loring St.Clair Ave. 1914
 King Edward VII
Thomas Brock King Edward VII Ontario Parliament 1919
 War Memorial 1914-1919
George William Hill War Memorial 1914-1919 Harbord 1921
 Fetters Sundered
Emanuel Hahn Fetters Sundered Upper Beaches 1922
 1914-1918 War Memorial
Charles Adamson 1914-1918 War Memorial University Ave. 1923
 Boy and the Dragonfly
Rachel Hawks Boy and the Dragonfly Leaside 1923
 Edward Hanlan
Emanuel Hahn Edward Hanlan Toronto Islands 1926
Charles McKechnie Mercury Canadian National Exhibition 1926
Charles McKechnie Minerva Canadian National Exhibition 1926
 James Pliny Whitney
Hamilton MacCarthy James Pliny Whitney Ontario Parliament 1927
 The Princes Gate
Charles McKechnie The Princes Gate Canadian National Exhibition 1927
 WWI Memorial
Frances Loring WWI Memorial Queen St. 1928
 Peter Pan
George Frampton Peter Pan St.Clair Ave. 1929
 Robert Holmes
John Byers Robert Holmes The Guild Inn 1930
 Angel of Peace
Charles Keck Angel of Peace Canadian National Exhibition 1930
 Dead Tree Relief
Elizabeth Wyn Wood Dead Tree Relief North York - Yonge St. (near) 1930
 Adam Beck
Emanuel Hahn Adam Beck University Ave. 1933
 Maiden with an Urn
Donatello Gabrielli Maiden with an Urn Columbus Centre 1935
 Pioneer Memorial
Hahn/Temporale Pioneer Memorial Front St. 1938
 Young Girl
Florence Wyle Young Girl St.Clair Ave. 1938
 Lion - QEW monument
Frances Loring Lion - QEW monument Waterfront 1939
 William Lyon Mackenzie
Walter Allward William Lyon Mackenzie Ontario Parliament 1940
Florence Wyle Harvester St.Clair Ave. 1940
 Dog sled
Louis Temporale Dog sled Air Canada Centre 1941
 Royal Mail Car
Louis Temporale Royal Mail Car Air Canada Centre 1941
Louis Temporale Schooner Air Canada Centre 1941
Louis Temporale Locomotive Air Canada Centre 1941
 Mother and Child
Florence Wyle Mother and Child St.Clair Ave. (near) 1947
Frances Loring Quebec The Guild Inn 1948
 British Columbia
Jacobine Jones British Columbia The Guild Inn 1948
Marino Marini Horse Leaside 1950
 World War II Memorial
Cleeve Horne World War II Memorial Queen St. 1951
Jacobine Jones Champlain University of Toronto 1951
Jacobine Jones Brock University of Toronto 1951
Jacobine Jones Simcoe University of Toronto 1951
 Flying Fish
Jean Horne Flying Fish Canadian National Exhibition 1954
 Warrior with Shield
Henry Moore Warrior with Shield University Ave. 1955
 Mother and Children
Frances Loring Mother and Children Canadian National Exhibition 1957
 Chasidic Head
Sorel Etrog Chasidic Head Bathurst St. 1959
 Jean Sibelius
Waino Aaltonen Jean Sibelius Annex 1959
 Spring Break-Up
E.B. Cox Spring Break-Up Annex 1959
Gerald Gladstone Pylon The Danforth 1960
 A Druid's Alphabet
E.B. Cox A Druid's Alphabet Glendon College 1961
 Indian Boy with Coon
Jacobine Jones Indian Boy with Coon Leaside 1961
 The Whole Person
Lionel Thomas The Whole Person Glendon College 1961
 Complexes of a Young Lady
Sorel Etrog Complexes of a Young Lady University of Toronto 1962
Sorel Etrog Capriccio Al Green Sculpture Park 1962
 Don Mills Montage
Charles Staffer Don Mills Montage Don Mills Rd. (near) 1962
Walter Yarwood Cedars University of Toronto 1962
 Solar Net
Gerald Gladstone Solar Net University of Toronto 1963
 Untitled (4)
Ron Baird Untitled (4) Leaside 1963
 Ceremonial Figure
Sorel Etrog Ceremonial Figure University of Toronto 1964
 Flight II
Sorel Etrog Flight II University Ave. 1964
 Source I
Sorel Etrog Source I Al Green Sculpture Park 1964
 Nutrum (1)
Ron Baird Nutrum (1) Leaside 1964
Graham Coughtry Tritons Yorkdale Mall 1964
Augustin Filipovic Messenger Don Mills Rd. (near) 1964
 The Dancer (1)
Sarah Jackson The Dancer (1) Cloverdale Mall 1964
Walter Yarwood Horizon University of Toronto 1964
 Coca Cola
Walter Yarwood Coca Cola Don Mills Rd. (near) 1964
 Grande Odalisque (2)
Sorel Etrog Grande Odalisque (2) Al Green Sculpture Park (near) 1965
 Grande Odalisque (1)
Sorel Etrog Grande Odalisque (1) Al Green Sculpture Park 1965
 Man above Matter
Arthur Price Man above Matter Canadian National Exhibition 1965
Armand Vaillancourt presence York University 1965
 Rhythm of Exotic Plants
Krystyna Sadowska Rhythm of Exotic Plants North York - Yonge St. 1965
 The Crest
Walter Yarwood The Crest York University 1965
Ron Baird Butterfly Mimico 1966
 Untitled (1)
Ron Baird Untitled (1) University of Toronto 1966
Gerald Gladstone Galaxy Burnhamthorpe Rd. 1966
 Man and Woman
Louis Archambault Man and Woman Ontario Government Buildings 1966
 Tall Couple
Louis Archambault Tall Couple UofT Scarborough College 1966
Henry Moore Archer Queen St. (near) 1966
 Freedom for Hungary, Freedom for All
Victor Tolgesy Freedom for Hungary, Freedom for All Waterfront 1966
Edward Falkenberg Seals Rosedale 1966
 Survivors Are Not Heroes
Sorel Etrog Survivors Are Not Heroes University of Toronto 1967
 Fiesole (1)
Sorel Etrog Fiesole (1) Al Green Sculpture Park 1967
Ted Bieler Wave University of Toronto 1967
 Monument to the Second Century
Ron Baird Monument to the Second Century North York - Finch Ave. 1967
Alexander Calder Man York University 1967
 Midsummer Night's Dream
Wessel Couzijn Midsummer Night's Dream High Park 1967
 The Temple
Hubert Dalwood The Temple High Park 1967
 Reclining Figure
John Fillion Reclining Figure St.Clair Ave. 1967
 Three Disks
Menashe Kadishman Three Disks High Park 1967
 The Hippie
William Koochin The Hippie High Park 1967
 Untitled (1)
Krystyna Sadowska Untitled (1) Sherbourne St. 1967
 November Pyramid
Bernard Schottlander November Pyramid High Park 1967
 Flower Power
Mark di Suvero Flower Power Spadina Ave. (near) 1967
 No Shoes
Mark di Suvero No Shoes West Don Lands 1967
 Rosehill Fountain
Unknown Rosehill Fountain Rosedale 1967
 Galaxy Series no.2
Gerald Gladstone Galaxy Series no.2 Ontario Government Buildings 1967
 Healey Willan
Frances Gage Healey Willan The Guild Inn 1967
 Sir Ernest McMillan
Frances Gage Sir Ernest McMillan The Guild Inn 1967
Ron Baird 83 Canadian National Exhibition 1968
Frances Gage Rosamond Bloor St. (near) 1968
 Mother and Child
Jack Harman Mother and Child Ontario Government Buildings 1968
 Hunter with Seal
Paulosie Kanayook Hunter with Seal Ontario Government Buildings 1968
 The Pines
Walter Yarwood The Pines Ontario Government Buildings 1968
 Relief Figures
Augusts Kopmanis Relief Figures St.Clair Ave. (near) 1968
 McGillivray Fountain
Gerald Gladstone McGillivray Fountain Canadian National Exhibition 1968
Sorel Etrog Flamehand Baycrest Hospital 1969
 Unknown Student
Heinzerling/Apt Unknown Student University of Toronto 1969
 Two Forms
Henry Moore Two Forms Dundas St. 1969
Kosso Eloul Meet North York - Finch Ave. 1970
Andrew Posa Transformation Yonge St./ Eglinton St. (near) 1970
 Flying Form
Andrew Posa Flying Form Don Mills Rd. 1970
 Architectural Sculpture
Robin Clarke Architectural Sculpture University Ave. 1970
 Parent I
Barbara Hepworth Parent I King St. 1970
 Double You
Kosso Eloul Double You Al Green Sculpture Park (near) 1970
 Landing Sculpture
Carl Lander Landing Sculpture Al Green Sculpture Park 1970
 Flying Form 2
Andrew Posa Flying Form 2 Etobicoke 1970
 Helix of Life
Ted Bieler Helix of Life University of Toronto 1971
Ron Baird Tower Dufferin St. 1971
E.B. Cox Bear Canadian National Exhibition 1971
 Straight Line no.2 (1)
Robert Downing Straight Line no.2 (1) Baycrest Hospital 1971
Frances Gage Woman Bay St. (near) 1971
Maryon Kantaroff Counterpoint Don Mills Rd. (near) 1971
 Silent Poem
Clayton Spanton Silent Poem St.Clair Ave. (near) 1971
Kosso Eloul Kobar Don Mills Rd. (near) 1971
 Bear (2)
E.B. Cox Bear (2) Canadian National Exhibition 1971
 The Hand
Sorel Etrog The Hand University Ave. 1972
 The Three Graces
Gerald Gladstone The Three Graces Ontario Government Buildings 1972
 Memorial to Val Chende
Valer Chende Memorial to Val Chende Al Green Sculpture Park (near) 1972
 Youth and Environment
E.B. Cox Youth and Environment Canadian National Exhibition 1972
Kosso Eloul Alat Al Green Sculpture Park (near) 1972
 Rainbow Piece
Hugh LeRoy Rainbow Piece York University 1972
 Family Group
Almuth Lutkenhaus Family Group Front St. 1972
 Four Squares in a Square
George Rickey Four Squares in a Square York University 1972
 Owl Spirit
Kaka Ashoona Owl Spirit North York - General Hospital 1972
Maryon Kantaroff Greenwin Al Green Sculpture Park 1973
William McElcheran Untitled University of Toronto 1973
 Hand of God
Carl Milles Hand of God Scarborough Civic Centre (near) 1973
 Beccas H
Robert Murray Beccas H University of Toronto 1973
Telesforas Valius Untitled Lawrance Ave. E. 1973
 21 Points in Equilibrium
James Sutherland 21 Points in Equilibrium Scarborough Civic Centre 1973
Kosso Eloul Cubro Yorkville 1974
 Untitled 2
Kosso Eloul Untitled 2 Sherbourne St. 1974
Ted Bieler Mudra Ontario Government Buildings 1974
 Crisscross Flats
Anthony Caro Crisscross Flats York University 1974
Giorgio Dimitrov Torso Annex 1974
 A Song for Barbara
Frances Gage A Song for Barbara Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1974
 Royal Couple
Ruben Zellermayer Royal Couple St.Clair Ave. 1974
 Girl with Birds
Barrie Shaw-Rimmington Girl with Birds North York - General Hospital 1974
Anne Harris Monarch 1974
Kosso Eloul Constella North York - Finch Ave. 1975
Kosso Eloul Salut Waterfront 1975
 Lesya Ukrainka
Mykhailo Chereshniovsky Lesya Ukrainka High Park 1975
Gio Pomodoro Foliage Bay St. 1975
Arthur Price Sails Queens Quay 1975
 Untitled 1
Ray Spiers Untitled 1 Glendon College 1975
 Family Group
Prince Monyo Nasturel Family Group Don Mills Rd. 1975
 Dr. William D. Young Memorial
Frances Gage Dr. William D. Young Memorial Beaches 1975
 Triangle 1
Andre Fauteux Triangle 1 York University 1975
Kosso Eloul Braha Rexdale 1976
Sorel Etrog Pieton Al Green Sculpture Park (near) 1976
Sorel Etrog Dreamchamber Bloor St. 1976
 Untitled Flying Form
Andrew Posa Untitled Flying Form St.Clair Ave. (near) 1976
 Universal Man
Gerald Gladstone Universal Man Yorkdale Mall 1976
 Crucified Woman
Almuth Lutkenhaus Crucified Woman University of Toronto 1976
John Ivor Smith Torso Lawrance Ave. E. 1976
 Babylonian Flight
Maryon Kantaroff Babylonian Flight Forest Hill 1976
 The Last Supper
Almuth Lutkenhaus The Last Supper Bloor St. 1976
Ron Baird Doors Davenport Rd. (near) 1977
 Bird of Spring
Etungat Bird of Spring Ryerson University 1977
Nobuo Kubota Fountain North York - Yonge St. 1977
 The Winged Man
Almuth Lutkenhaus The Winged Man Leslie St. 1977
 Larry Sefton Memorial
Jerome Markson Larry Sefton Memorial Bay St. (near) 1977
 Dream Work of the Whales
Georganna Malloff Dream Work of the Whales Queens Quay 1977
 Winston Churchill
Oscar Nemon Winston Churchill Queen St. 1977
 Family Group
Gena Tenenbaum Family Group Baycrest Hospital 1977
David Partridge Metropolis Queen St. (near) 1977
 Creation no.7
May Marx Creation no.7 Baycrest Hospital 1977
 Shalom II
Kosso Eloul Shalom II Jewish Community Centre 1978
Ted Bieler Canyons Downsview 1978
Anne Allardyce Michael University of Toronto 1978
 Innercity Gate
Kosso Eloul Innercity Gate Bay St. (near) 1978
Kosso Eloul Hommage Yonge St./ Eglinton St. (near) 1978
 Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
Nathan Rapoport Jacob Wrestling with the Angel Jewish Community Centre 1978
 Sticky Wicket
Mark di Suvero Sticky Wicket York University 1978
 Birds in Flight
Micheline Beauchemin Birds in Flight North York - Yonge St. 1978
Ted Bieler Wings Ellesmere Rd. 1979
 Garden of the Greek Gods - Mermaid
E.B. Cox Garden of the Greek Gods - Mermaid Canadian National Exhibition 1979
 Garden of the Greek Gods - Pan
E.B. Cox Garden of the Greek Gods - Pan Canadian National Exhibition 1979
 Garden of the Greek Gods (3)
E.B. Cox Garden of the Greek Gods (3) Canadian National Exhibition 1979
 Song of Deborah
Maryon Kantaroff Song of Deborah Baycrest Hospital (near) 1979
 Flight Stop
Michael Snow Flight Stop Queen St. 1979
 The Bear
E.B. Cox The Bear The Guild Inn 1979
 Garden of the Greek Gods - Hercules
E.B. Cox Garden of the Greek Gods - Hercules Canadian National Exhibition 1979
 Garden of the Greek Gods - Medusa
E.B. Cox Garden of the Greek Gods - Medusa Canadian National Exhibition 1979
 Garden of the Greek Gods - Typhon
E.B. Cox Garden of the Greek Gods - Typhon Canadian National Exhibition 1979
 Garden of the Greek Gods - Sphinx
E.B. Cox Garden of the Greek Gods - Sphinx Canadian National Exhibition 1979
 Garden of the Greek Gods - Harpies
E.B. Cox Garden of the Greek Gods - Harpies Canadian National Exhibition 1979
 Garden of the Greek Gods - Minotaur
E.B. Cox Garden of the Greek Gods - Minotaur Canadian National Exhibition 1979
 Zen West
Kosso Eloul Zen West University of Toronto 1980
 Curtain Wall
Derek Besant Curtain Wall Wellington St. 1980
 Katyn Memorial
Tadeusz Janowski Katyn Memorial Roncesvalles Ave. 1980
 Sitting Girl
Samuel Lazar Kagan Sitting Girl Mount Sinai Hospital 1980
 Frederick Gans Memorial
Maryon Kantaroff Frederick Gans Memorial University Ave. (near) 1980
Peter Kolisnyk Window Queens Quay 1980
William McElcheran Businessman Wellington St. 1980
Louis Temporale Untitled Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1980
 Puzzle of Life
Larraine Langer Puzzle of Life Mount Sinai Hospital 1980
Gord Smith Icarus Scarborough Civic Centre (near) 1980
 Binary Spirit
Stephen James Hogbin Binary Spirit Ontario Government Buildings 1980
 Che Fa ?
William McElcheran Che Fa ? Yorkville 1980
 Tug of War
Prince Monyo Nasturel Tug of War Baycrest Hospital 1980
 Spaceplough I - black
Sorel Etrog Spaceplough I - black The Guild Inn 1981
Kosso Eloul Solstice The Guild Inn 1981
Andrew Posa U.V.Ceti Wellington St. 1982
 Mobius Curve
Michael Clay Mobius Curve The Guild Inn 1982
 Mary Pickford
Eino Mary Pickford University Ave. 1982
Ruben Zellermayer Chalalim Jewish Community Centre (near) 1982
Gord Smith Sails St.Clair Ave. 1982
 Luis Vaz de Camoes
Unknown Luis Vaz de Camoes College St. 1982
 Catch Basin
Nancy Holt Catch Basin King St. (near) 1982
Kosso Eloul Onward Necropolis Cemetery 1983
Gord Smith Tryptich Front St. 1983
 Joy of Life (1)
Lea Vivot Joy of Life (1) Roncesvalles Ave. (near) 1983
Thomas Penney Eagle College St. 1983
Thomas Penney Bear College St. 1983
 Simon Bolivar
Armando Sorondo Simon Bolivar Dundas St. 1983
Sorel Etrog Sunlife University Ave. 1984
 Time Capsule
Kosso Eloul Time Capsule Waterfront 1984
Ted Bieler Triad Front St. 1984
 Galaxy (1)
Jack Culiner Galaxy (1) Rosedale 1984
 Space Composition
Haydn Davies Space Composition Bay St. (near) 1984
 Sight Line
James Gillespie Sight Line University of Toronto 1984
 Pas de Trois
Russell Jacques Pas de Trois University Ave. 1984
 Hammerson's Bravo
Russell Jacques Hammerson's Bravo University Ave. 1984
 Per ardua ad astra
Oscar Nemon Per ardua ad astra University Ave. 1984
 Eloges de Fontenelle
Royden Rabinowitch Eloges de Fontenelle Front St. 1984
 Dr. Sun Yat-Sen
Joe Rosenthal Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Riverdale 1984
 Meeting Place
Kosso Eloul Meeting Place Bloor St. 1984
 The Endless Bench
Lea Vivot The Endless Bench University Ave. 1984
 Pope John Paul II
Alexander von Svoboda Pope John Paul II Roncesvalles Ave. 1984
 The Three Watchmen
Robert Davidson The Three Watchmen College St. 1984
 Cross Section
William McElcheran Cross Section Yonge St. - Downtown 1984
 The Pasture
Joe Fafard The Pasture Wellington St. (near) 1985
 Monument to Multiculturalism
Francesco Perilli Monument to Multiculturalism Front St. 1985
 Lyrical Space
Ian Lazarus Lyrical Space Don Mills Rd. (near) 1985
 Wall and Chairs
Al McWilliams Wall and Chairs King St. 1985
Ron Baird Fish Warden Ave. 1986
 Galaxy One
Jack Culiner Galaxy One Mount Sinai Hospital 1986
Jack Culiner Valerie Mount Sinai Hospital 1986
 Love Cycle
Jack Culiner Love Cycle Mount Sinai Hospital 1986
Jack Culiner Sphere Mount Sinai Hospital 1986
Anna Kohn Courtship Baycrest Hospital 1986
 Businessman Walking
William McElcheran Businessman Walking King St. 1986
 Businessman Walking (2)
William McElcheran Businessman Walking (2) St.Clair Ave. 1986
 The Encounter
William McElcheran The Encounter King St. 1986
 Iron Tailor
Jiri Ladocha Iron Tailor Yorkville 1986
Andrew Posa Marlin Wellington St. 1987
 Untitled (1)
Robert Bowers Untitled (1) Bay St. (near) 1987
 Easter Island Head
Bob Breault Easter Island Head Don Mills Rd. 1987
Bob Breault Inuksuk Don Mills Rd. 1987
 Passages of Life
Anne Harris Passages of Life Baycrest Hospital 1987
 Chaos Speaks
Bill Vazan Chaos Speaks University of Toronto 1987
Rhodelle Hershoran Untitled St.Clair Ave. (near) 1987
 Untitled (2)
Robert Bowers Untitled (2) Bay St. 1988
 Full Moon
Wendell Castle Full Moon Bloor St. (near) 1988
 To Serve and Protect
Garnet/Drysdale To Serve and Protect Bay St. (near) 1988
 Two Waves
Burton Kramer Two Waves North York - Yonge St. 1988
 New Sculpture Series IV
Evan Levy New Sculpture Series IV Baycrest Hospital 1988
 Native Peoples
Abraham Anghik Native Peoples Dufferin St. 1989
 Lineal Order
George Boileau Lineal Order Wellington St. (near) 1989
 Chinese Rail Workers Monument
Eldon Garnet Chinese Rail Workers Monument Rogers Centre - Skydome (near) 1989
 Businessman on a Horse
William McElcheran Businessman on a Horse University of Toronto 1989
 Vladimir the Great
Leo Mol Vladimir the Great Spadina Ave. 1989
 Spiral Fountain
Judith Schwarz Spiral Fountain Rogers Centre - Skydome 1989
 The Audience (1)
Michael Snow The Audience (1) Rogers Centre - Skydome 1989
 The Audience (2)
Michael Snow The Audience (2) Rogers Centre - Skydome 1989
Lea Vivot Harmony Columbus Centre 1989
 City People
Catherine Widgery City People Front St. 1989
 Dragon Tree
Ron Baird Dragon Tree Casa Loma 1989
 Patterns for the Tree of Life
John McEwen Patterns for the Tree of Life Bloor St. (near) 1989
 Tree of Life
Anne Allardyce Tree of Life Jewish Community Centre 1990
Hugh Cunningham Venus Yorkville 1990
 Between the Eyes
Richard Deacon Between the Eyes Queens Quay 1990
 Divine Servant
Max Greiner Divine Servant Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1990
Brian Groombridge Untitled York University 1990
 Family Group
Juliet Jancso Family Group Necropolis Cemetery 1990
 Leap Frog
Juliet Jancso Leap Frog Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1990
 Hart House Mask
Evan Grant Penny Hart House Mask University of Toronto 1990
Stacey Spiegel Facets Yonge St. - Downtown 1990
 Lightly Ascending
Yoshiko Sunahara Lightly Ascending Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1990
 A Step Beyond
Oliver Tiura A Step Beyond Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1990
 Alexander the Great
Dion Zachariou Alexander the Great The Danforth 1990
Peter Dykhuis Index/Ideal Queen St. (near) 1990
 Cold Rolled Series IV
Evan Levy Cold Rolled Series IV Queen St. (near) 1990
 Garden Floating Groud
Andre Fauteux Garden Floating Groud Baycrest Hospital 1991
 Lady of the Lily
Misha Frid Lady of the Lily North York - Yonge St. (near) 1991
Wojtek Gorczynski Untitled University Ave. 1991
 Atabasca Series II
Evan Levy Atabasca Series II Baycrest Hospital 1991
 Holocaust Memorial
Ernest Raab Holocaust Memorial Earl Bales Park 1991
 Salmon Run
Susan Schelle Salmon Run CN Tower (near) 1991
 Synthetic Eden
Stacey Spiegel Synthetic Eden Yonge St. - Downtown (near) 1991
William Barriss Martin Quatro Queen St. 1991
 Tom Lamb, Bush Pilot
Leo Mol Tom Lamb, Bush Pilot College St. 1991
 Sail Forms
Bruce Garner Sail Forms Mimico 1991
 The Gateway to Understanding
David Ruben Piqtoukun The Gateway to Understanding Queens Quay 1991
Santiago Calatrava Fountain Front St. 1992
 The Northern Bull Moose
Hilary Clark Cole The Northern Bull Moose Don Mills Rd. 1992
 Broken Bicycle
Gu Xiu Hei Broken Bicycle University of Toronto 1992
 The Wave
Ivan Kostov The Wave Bay St. 1992
Micah Lexier Ladders Wellington St. (near) 1992
John MacGregor Totem Baycrest Hospital 1992
 The Poet, The Fever Hospital
Bernie Miller The Poet, The Fever Hospital King St. 1992
 Memoire du futur
Anne and Patrick Poirier Memoire du futur King St. 1992
Judith Schwarz Nautilius Bay St. 1992
 Remembered Sustenance
Cynthia Short Remembered Sustenance Wellington St. 1992
 Red, Orange and Green
Michael Snow Red, Orange and Green Bloor St. (near) 1992
Joshua Kalfa Untitled Jewish Community Centre 1992
 City Sounds
Murray Favro City Sounds King St. (near) 1992
 Fontana d'Italia
Enzo Cucchi Fontana d'Italia York University 1993
 The Hart
Joe Fafard The Hart University of Toronto 1993
 Noire, Solaire, Basse
Jocelyne Alloucherie Noire, Solaire, Basse York University 1993
 Our Game
Edie Parker Our Game Front St. 1993
Georg Schmerholz Megaptera King St. 1993
 A Day Forward
Yoshiko Sunahara A Day Forward Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1993
 The Treasures of Queen Carlotta
Joseph Lammirato The Treasures of Queen Carlotta Columbus Centre 1993
 Fibonacci Cadenza
Uga Drava Fibonacci Cadenza Scarborough Civic Centre 1994
Janis Karlovs Eruption Scarborough Civic Centre 1994
 Natural Development
Peter Machata Natural Development Scarborough Civic Centre 1994
 Winston Churchill
Ernest Raab Winston Churchill Sunnybrook Hospital 1994
 Earth and Sky
Peter Roller Earth and Sky Scarborough Civic Centre 1994
 Ode to the Sun
Rob Schreefel Ode to the Sun Scarborough Civic Centre 1994
 Cloud Sensor
Yoshio Yagi Cloud Sensor Scarborough Civic Centre 1994
 Campsite Founding
Golden/Eichenberg Campsite Founding Front St. 1994
Peter Roller Procession Scarborough Civic Centre 1994
 Stone for Quiet Water
Knut Wold Stone for Quiet Water Scarborough Civic Centre 1994
 My Spirit Flies
DaNisha My Spirit Flies Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1994
Anne Harris Langorous Sunnybrook Hospital 1994
 Green Between
Peter Hide Green Between North York - Yonge St. (near) 1994
 Entrance Gateway
Ron and Lynda Baird Entrance Gateway North York - Yonge St. 1995
Maryon Kantaroff Anadyomene University of Toronto 1995
Anish Kapoor Mountain Front St. 1995
Cyri Reade Minyan Jewish Community Centre 1995
 Northern Gateway
Jeff Goodman Northern Gateway North York - Yonge St. 1995
 The Sundial Folly
Figueiredo, Fung The Sundial Folly Queens Quay 1995
 Victory Peace
John McEwen Victory Peace Waterfront 1995
David Pellettier Bridge Queen St. 1995
 Circle of Hope
Anne Harris Circle of Hope Sunnybrook Hospital 1996
 Time Cones
Golden/Eichenberg Time Cones North York - Yonge St. (near) 1996
Evan Grant Penny Pi Wellington St. 1996
 Raoul Wallenberg
Ernest Raab Raoul Wallenberg Earl Bales Park 1996
Joe Rosenthal Consolation University of Toronto 1996
Les Drysdale Icarus Yorkville 1996
Nick Brdar Bursa Mimico 1996
Ludzer Vandermolen Griffin University of Toronto 1996
 Uniform Measure/Stack
Stephen Cruise Uniform Measure/Stack Spadina Ave. 1997
Fastwurms Snowm'n CN Tower (near) 1997
 Woodpecker Column
Fastwurms Woodpecker Column CN Tower (near) 1997
 Commitment Series I
Anne Harris Commitment Series I Baycrest Hospital 1997
John Robinson Intuition University of Toronto 1997
 Bloor Parkette
Schelle, Gomes Bloor Parkette Bloor St. 1997
 Kells Nest
Bill Vazan Kells Nest University of Toronto 1997
 Mourning Victory
Peter Hide Mourning Victory North York - Yonge St. (near) 1997
 The Laws of Nature
Susan Schelle The Laws of Nature King St. 1997
 Tree Bears
Leo Mol Tree Bears Yorkville 1997
 Places in a Book (Oak)
Stephen Cruise Places in a Book (Oak) Spadina Ave. 1997
 Places in a Book (Beaver)
Stephen Cruise Places in a Book (Beaver) Spadina Ave. 1997
Ingrid Cryns Untitled Front St. (near) 1997
 Social Theatre (1)
Randy, Berenicci Social Theatre (1) Spadina Ave. 1997
 Hands (1)
Al Green Hands (1) Yonge St./ Eglinton St. 1998
 Emerging Tower
Al Green Emerging Tower Al Green Sculpture Park 1998
 Homage to Higher Power
Al Green Homage to Higher Power Al Green Sculpture Park 1998
 Hands (2)
Al Green Hands (2) Yonge St./ Eglinton St. 1998
 Hands (3)
Al Green Hands (3) Yonge St./ Eglinton St. 1998
Al Green Contemplation Yonge St./ Eglinton St. 1998
Al Green Flamingo Yonge St./ Eglinton St. 1998
 100 Links = 1 Chain
Stephen Cruise 100 Links = 1 Chain North York - Yonge St. (near) 1998
 Empress Colonettes
Randy, Berenicci Empress Colonettes North York - Yonge St. (near) 1998
 The Dance
Robert Sprachman The Dance North York - Yonge St. 1998
 Elevated Wetlands
Noel Harding Elevated Wetlands Don Mills Rd. (near) 1998
Alexander Moyle Owls North York - Yonge St. (near) 1998
 Dr.Jose Rizal
F.B Caede Dr.Jose Rizal Earl Bales Park 1998
 Italian-Canadian Immigrants
Frank Varga Italian-Canadian Immigrants St.Clair Ave. 1998
 Square Spiral
Al Green Square Spiral Al Green Sculpture Park 1999
 The Glenn Gould Gathering
Ruth Abernethy The Glenn Gould Gathering Front St. 1999
 Liquid Echo
Catherine Widgery Liquid Echo Bay St. 1999
 Searchlight Starlight Spotlight
John McEwen Searchlight Starlight Spotlight Air Canada Centre 1999
 Wins Losses Ties
Micah Lexier Wins Losses Ties Air Canada Centre 1999
Bill Lishman Hope Sunnybrook Hospital 1999
Schelle, Gomes Untitled Annex 1999
 Imperfect Paradise
John McEwen Imperfect Paradise Dundas St. (near) 1999
Linda Covit Interstice Jewish Community Centre 1999
Unknown Confucius Scarborough 1999
 Bird House Sculpture
Anne Roberts Bird House Sculpture Queens Quay 1999
Anne Roberts Maypole Queens Quay 1999
 Spark of Life
Ted Harasti Spark of Life Jarvis St. (near) 1999
 The Saga
Al Green The Saga Baycrest Hospital 2000
 Difficult Accent
Al Green Difficult Accent Al Green Sculpture Park 2000
 Tree of Learning
Al Green Tree of Learning Al Green Sculpture Park 2000
Green/Kantaroff Skysearch Yonge St./ Eglinton St. 2000
Jack Culiner Pirouette Baycrest Hospital 2000
 The Sky Watchers
Ian Leventhal The Sky Watchers Baycrest Hospital 2000
 Anonymity of Prevention
Lo/Winkler Anonymity of Prevention Front St. 2000
 Dancing Images
Harold Rosnick Dancing Images Baycrest Hospital 2000
Green/Kantaroff Skysearch Al Green Sculpture Park (near) 2000
 Ontario Police Memorial
Siggy Puchta Ontario Police Memorial Ontario Parliament 2000
Ruth Abernethy A.Modir Mount Pleasant Cemetery 2000
Liz Magor Keep York University 2000
Hugh Russel Affirmation Mount Pleasant Cemetery 2000
 The Last Alarm
Yolanda VanderGaast The Last Alarm Waterfront 2000
 Bony Bus
John McKinnon Bony Bus Sheppard Ave. 2000
 Charles William Jefferys
Adrienne Alison Charles William Jefferys North York - Yonge St. (near) 2000
Kirk Newman Community Bloor St. 2001
Randy, Berenicci Rune University of Toronto 2001
Joe Rosenthal Neighbours University of Toronto 2001
 Royal Sweet Diamond
Joe Fafard Royal Sweet Diamond Yorkville 2001
 To Life
Morton Katz To Life Baycrest Hospital 2001
 Archer Release
Gary Weisman Archer Release Yorkville 2001
 Desire (1)
Tom Dean Desire (1) Jarvis St. 2001
 Desire (2)
Tom Dean Desire (2) Jarvis St. 2001
 Madre Teresa da Anunciada
Camilla Geary-Martin Madre Teresa da Anunciada Downtown 2001
Chen/Quigley Timetrack North York - Yonge St. (near) 2001
Marlene Hilton Moore Orenda Front St. 2001
Serge Dery Passage Front St. 2002
Albert Paley Constellation Wellington St. (near) 2002
 The Sculptor's Palette
Dam de Nogales The Sculptor's Palette Yorkville 2002
 Full Circle
Peter von Tiesenhausen Full Circle Queen St. 2002
Charles Pachter Mooseconstrue University of Toronto 2002
Kellypalik Qimirpik Inukshuk Waterfront 2002
 Tembo, Mother of Elephants
Derrick Stephan Hudson Tembo, Mother of Elephants King St. 2002
 Being There
Steinunn Thorarinsdottir Being There Yorkville 2002
Marlene Hilton Moore Passage Kingston Rd. (near) 2002
Jun Kaneko Untitled Bloor St. (near) 2002
 Wind Bird
Sorel Etrog Wind Bird Al Green Sculpture Park (near) 2003
 Franklin and Rabbit
Ruth Abernethy Franklin and Rabbit Toronto Islands 2003
Ruth Abernethy Goose Toronto Islands 2003
 Heaven and Earth
John McEwen Heaven and Earth Islington 2003
 Geranium Lady
Rose-Aimee Belanger Geranium Lady Yorkville 2003
Ruth Abernethy Bear Toronto Islands 2003
 Fair Grounds
Michel Goulet Fair Grounds Wellington St. 2003
 La Scala
Whiten/Kipps La Scala Bay St. 2003
 The Jack Pine Rememberd
Panya Clark Espinal The Jack Pine Rememberd Sheppard Ave. (near) 2003
 Big Bird
Anne Harris Big Bird North York - General Hospital 2004
 Stand by Me
Gregory Robins Stand by Me North York - General Hospital 2004
 Piazza Johnny Lombardi
Dam de Nogales Piazza Johnny Lombardi Little Italy 2004
Whiten/Kipps Tempo North York - Yonge St. (near) 2004
 David's Shadow
Mario Martinelli David's Shadow Columbus Centre 2004
 Robert Gourlay
Adrienne Alison Robert Gourlay King St. 2004
 Cameo Field
Stephen Cruise Cameo Field Jewish Community Centre 2004
 Barca Volante
Francisco Gazitua Barca Volante Rogers Centre - Skydome 2004
 John Strachan
Adrienne Alison John Strachan University of Toronto 2004
 Windswept Silhouette
Hilary Clark Cole Windswept Silhouette Don Mills Rd. 2005
 Spirit of Discovery
Dam de Nogales Spirit of Discovery University of Toronto 2005
 Out of the Blue
Shayne Dark Out of the Blue Queen St. 2005
 Emily Carr and Friends (1)
Joe Fafard Emily Carr and Friends (1) Yorkville 2005
 Firefighters Memorial
Siggy Puchta Firefighters Memorial University Ave. 2005
 World Peace Monument
Peter Dykhuis World Peace Monument Queen St. 2005
 Three Fauns
Rose-Aimee Belanger Three Fauns Yorkville 2005
Roland Brener Radioville Jarvis St. 2005
Ludzer Vandermolen Owl Beaches 2005
 Embracing Nature
Antonis Myrodias Embracing Nature Canadian National Exhibition 2005
 Pyramidal Form
Man-Wai Wu Pyramidal Form Canadian National Exhibition 2005
 As Meninas la Porte
Matthias Contzen As Meninas la Porte Canadian National Exhibition 2005
 Without Title
Anna Bem-Borucka Without Title Canadian National Exhibition 2005
 Clasping Nature
Wai-Ming Cheung Clasping Nature Canadian National Exhibition 2005
 Latent Power
Ryszard Litwiniuk Latent Power Canadian National Exhibition 2005
 Reaching for the Cloud
Jean-Pierre Morin Reaching for the Cloud Yorkville 2005
 Alexander Wood
Del Newbigging Alexander Wood Church St. 2005
 Wife of Lot
Andrea Yermy Wife of Lot Baycrest Hospital 2005
 Evolution Unrolling
James McCleod Evolution Unrolling King St. 2006
 Light Spirals
Peter Powning Light Spirals Bay St. 2006
 The Canoe and Calipers
John McEwen The Canoe and Calipers Swansea 2006
 Steve Stavro Tomb
David Pellettier Steve Stavro Tomb Mount Pleasant Cemetery 2006
 Field Study
Tacon/Thib Field Study Leaside 2006
 Open Sphere
Martha Townsend Open Sphere Leaside 2006
 Passerelle et Portance
Claude Millette Passerelle et Portance Distillery District 2006
 Valiants Memorial
Moore/McEvan Valiants Memorial Ottawa 2006
Morton Katz Monument Harbord 2007
 Immigrant Family
Tom Otterness Immigrant Family Yonge St. - Downtown 2007
 Pillars of Justice
Edwina Sandys Pillars of Justice University Ave. 2007
 Rosa Nautica
Francisco Gazitua Rosa Nautica Spadina Ave. 2007
 Bird Wings
Morton Katz Bird Wings Baycrest Hospital 2007
 Toronto Irish Famine Memorial
Rowan Gillespie Toronto Irish Famine Memorial Waterfront 2007
 The Index
David Altmejd The Index Dundas St. 2007
Carl Tacon Passage Sheppard Ave. 2007
 Mohammad Ali Jinnah
David McDougall Mohammad Ali Jinnah York University 2007
 Dancing Koi
Unknown Dancing Koi Leaside 2007
 Monument to the War of 1812
Douglas Coupland Monument to the War of 1812 Waterfront (near) 2008
Cory Fuhr Digitus Yorkdale Mall 2008
 Cloud Series - Cumulonimbus
Ania Biczysko Cloud Series - Cumulonimbus Queen St. 2008
 Flow Blue (1)
Marlene Hilton Moore Flow Blue (1) Yonge St. - Downtown (near) 2008
Carl Tacon Shift Bay St. (near) 2008
 Across the Great Span of Time
Clare Scott-Taggart Across the Great Span of Time Sheppard Ave. 2008
 Ballad of Ice and Water
John McEwen Ballad of Ice and Water Swansea 2008
 Voice of the Land - Al Purdy
Dam de Nogales Voice of the Land - Al Purdy Ontario Parliament 2008
 Dormez Vous
Alexander Moyle Dormez Vous North York - Yonge St. (near) 2008
Lilly Otasevic Mobius Yonge St./ Eglinton St. (near) 2008
 Flow Blue (2)
Marlene Hilton Moore Flow Blue (2) Yonge St. - Downtown (near) 2008
Hilary Clark Cole Muskox Don Mills Rd. 2009
Douglas Coupland Supernova Don Mills Rd. (near) 2009
Michael Christian Koilos Distillery District 2009
Michael Christian IT Distillery District 2009
Linda Covit Tracings North York - Yonge St. (near) 2009
Jean-Pierre Morin Sentinelles North York - Yonge St. 2009
 Canoe Landing (1)
Douglas Coupland Canoe Landing (1) Spadina Ave. (near) 2009
 Still Dancing
Dennis Oppenheim Still Dancing Distillery District 2009
 Light Side of the Moon
Bowlby/Martin Light Side of the Moon Leaside 2009
 Desire Bruts
Jean-Pierre LaFrance Desire Bruts Distillery District 2009
 James Beaty
Adrienne Alison James Beaty King St. 2009
 Daniel Michael Bertoia
Armando Barbon Daniel Michael Bertoia Annex 2009
 Canoe Landing (2)
Douglas Coupland Canoe Landing (2) Spadina Ave. (near) 2009
Whiten/Kipps Sculpture North York - Yonge St. (near) 2010
 Unknown (26)
Unknown Unknown (26) North York - Yonge St. (near) 2010
 Unknown (27)
Unknown Unknown (27) North York - Yonge St. (near) 2010
 Distant Bridge
Reinhard Reitzenstein Distant Bridge North York - Yonge St. (near) 2010
 Nancys Fountain
Carl Tacon Nancys Fountain York University 2010
Michael Christian Nihgtlights Distillery District 2010
 Nellie's Dream
Ron Baird Nellie's Dream Leslie St. 2010
 Double Vision
Shayne Dark Double Vision Bloor St. (near) 2010
 Mother and Child
Aharon Bezalel Mother and Child Baycrest Hospital 2010
Eldon Garnet Inversion Bloor St. (near) 2011
 The Wessel
Ilan Sandler The Wessel Bloor St. (near) 2011
 Wave Side
Marman, Borins Wave Side Lake Shore Blvd. 2011
Catherine Widgery Mindshadows Yonge St./ Eglinton St. (near) 2011
 What is Your Name
Ilan Sandler What is Your Name Yonge St./ Eglinton St. (near) 2011
 Thing's End
James Carl Thing's End Wellington St.(near) 2012
Zhang Huan Rising University Ave. 2012
 Fence on the Loose
Vito Acconci Fence on the Loose Lake Shore Blvd. (near) 2012
 Light Containers
Linda Covit Light Containers Downsview (near) 2013
 Jesus the Homeless
Timothy Schmalz Jesus the Homeless University of Toronto 2013
 Double Take
Shayne Dark Double Take Bloor St. (near) 2014
 Whatsoever You  Do
Timothy Schmalz Whatsoever You Do College St. 2014
 Shoreline Commemorative
Paul Raff Shoreline Commemorative Front St. (near) 2014
Cesta/Kruger Fountaingrove Lake Shore Blvd. (near) 2014

Outside Toronto

Maryon Kantaroff Cordella Windsor 0
 The Garden
Maryon Kantaroff The Garden Windsor 0
Bill Lishman Goat Stouffville 0
 The Sisters II
Morton Katz The Sisters II Windsor 0
 Chicken and Egg
Morton Katz Chicken and Egg Windsor 0
Morton Katz Wings Windsor 0
 Naked in Babylon
Anne Harris Naked in Babylon Halifax 0
 Curtain Call no.2
Anne Harris Curtain Call no.2 Ottawa 0
 Combing the Universe
Anne Harris Combing the Universe Mississauga 0
 Composition with Five Elements
Haydn Davies Composition with Five Elements Windsor 0
Leo Mol Anne Windsor 0
 Winston Churchill (2)
Oscar Nemon Winston Churchill (2) Quebec City 0
 South African War Memorial
Hamilton MacCarthy South African War Memorial Ottawa 1902
 Boer War Memorial
Hamilton MacCarthy Boer War Memorial Quebec City 1905
 George Brown
George William Hill George Brown Ottawa 1913
 Darcy McGee
George William Hill Darcy McGee Ottawa 1913
Walter Allward Baldwin-Lafontaine Ottawa 1914
 Bell Memorial (1)
Walter Allward Bell Memorial (1) Brantford 1917
 Bell Memorial (2)
Walter Allward Bell Memorial (2) Brantford 1917
 Anishinabe Scout
Hamilton MacCarthy Anishinabe Scout Ottawa 1918
Walter Allward Veritas Ottawa 1920
Walter Allward Justice Ottawa 1920
 WWI Memorial
Walter Allward WWI Memorial Stratford 1922
Frances Loring Turkey Guelph 1932
 Monument to Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto
Nathan Rapoport Monument to Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto Warsaw Poland 1948
Jack Harman Transcendence Vancouver 1961
 The Dancer (2)
Sarah Jackson The Dancer (2) Ottawa 1964
 Source I
Sorel Etrog Source I Hamilton 1965
 Source II
Sorel Etrog Source II Mississauga 1965
Ron Baird Triad Waterloo 1965
 The Race
William McElcheran The Race St.Catharines 1966
Armand Vaillancourt Samothrace Ottawa 1966
 Movable Gates
Ron Baird Movable Gates Oakville 1967
 Untitled (2)
Krystyna Sadowska Untitled (2) Mississauga 1967
 Polar Bear
Pauta Saila Polar Bear Kleinburg 1967
 Female Wall
Ted Bieler Female Wall Ottawa 1967
Sorel Etrog Flight Ottawa 1967
 Tribute to the Third World
Armand Vaillancourt Tribute to the Third World Quebec City 1967
 Fiesole (2)
Sorel Etrog Fiesole (2) Montreal 1967
Louis Archambault People Ottawa-Hull 1967
Augustin Filipovic Untitled Hamilton 1968
 A Sculpture Environment
Ron Baird A Sculpture Environment Waterloo 1970
Bruce Garner Joy Ottawa 1970
 Wall Mural
Ron Baird Wall Mural Waterloo 1971
 Piramidal Structure - Sakkarah
Victor Tolgesy Piramidal Structure - Sakkarah Kingston 1971
 Straight Line no.2 (2)
Robert Downing Straight Line no.2 (2) Oakville 1971
Bruce Garner Untitled Ottawa 1971
 Wooden Sculpture
Ted Bieler Wooden Sculpture Waterloo 1972
 Walking Girl
Almuth Lutkenhaus Walking Girl Waterloo 1972
 Early Morning Dream
Krystyna Sadowska Early Morning Dream Waterloo 1972
 Female Landscape
Gerald Gladstone Female Landscape Montreal 1972
Kosso Eloul Shlosha Montreal 1972
Kosso Eloul Time Kingston 1973
 Man and Woman
Almuth Lutkenhaus Man and Woman Waterloo 1973
Robert Murray Haida Ottawa 1973
Kosso Eloul Canadac Hamilton 1977
 Untitled (2)
Ron Baird Untitled (2) Barrie 1977
 Profile II
Sorel Etrog Profile II St.Catharines 1977
 Study in Bronze
Anne Harris Study in Bronze Oshawa 1978
 Space Composition, Red
Haydn Davies Space Composition, Red Windsor 1978
 Two is One (Imsby)
Kosso Eloul Two is One (Imsby) Grimsby 1978
 Ground Outline
Peter Kolisnyk Ground Outline Kingston 1978
 Untitled (3)
Ron Baird Untitled (3) Oakville 1979
 Nutrum (2)
Ron Baird Nutrum (2) Stouffville 1979
Kosso Eloul Toron Quebec City 1979
 Territorial Prerogative
Bruce Garner Territorial Prerogative Ottawa 1980
Kosso Eloul Passages Guelph 1983
Ted Bieler Towers Stouffville 1983
 He Is All Pine and I Am Apple Orchad
Anne Allardyce He Is All Pine and I Am Apple Orchad Stouffville 1983
Kosso Eloul Equinox Montreal 1983
 Joy of Life (2)
Lea Vivot Joy of Life (2) Montreal 1983
 Untitled (5)
Ron Baird Untitled (5) Markham 1984
 The Family Fountain
William McElcheran The Family Fountain Guelph 1985
 Businessman on a Horse
William McElcheran Businessman on a Horse Windsor 1985
Anne Allardyce Eumenides St.Catharines 1985
 John Diefenbaker
Leo Mol John Diefenbaker Ottawa 1985
 Spirit Catcher
Ron Baird Spirit Catcher Barrie 1986
 Opus 87
Anne Harris Opus 87 Albright Knox Art Gallery 1987
 Mahatma Gandhi
Unknown Mahatma Gandhi Richmond Hill 1988
 Due Process
Bruce Garner Due Process Ottawa 1988
Evan Grant Penny Mask Guelph 1989
Cynthia Short Lightmare Guelph 1989
 Shibagav Shard
Bill Vazan Shibagav Shard Kleinburg 1989
 Mother and Child
Lea Vivot Mother and Child Kleinburg 1989
Bruce Garner Solitude Mississauga 1989
 Still Life and Blind
John McEwen Still Life and Blind Oakville 1989
Posa Otkenfetto Mississauga 1990
Evan Grant Penny Monad Guelph 1990
Frances Gage Mindemoya Guelph 1990
 Concept II
Anne Harris Concept II Mississauga 1991
 Event Horizon
Bill Vazan Event Horizon Quebec City 1991
 Monument pour une feuille
Jean-Pierre Morin Monument pour une feuille Quebec City 1991
John McEwen Babylon Kleinburg 1991
 Spirits in the Landscape
Abraham Anghik Spirits in the Landscape Vancouver 1992
 Queen Elizabeth II
Jack Harman Queen Elizabeth II Ottawa 1992
 The Three Observed
Bill Vazan The Three Observed Kingston 1992
 Reconciliation, Peacekeeping Monument
Jack Harman Reconciliation, Peacekeeping Monument Ottawa 1992
 The Secret Bench of Knowledge (1)
Lea Vivot The Secret Bench of Knowledge (1) Ottawa 1993
 The Secret Bench of Knowledge (2)
Lea Vivot The Secret Bench of Knowledge (2) Montreal 1993
 Big Brown Bird
Anne Harris Big Brown Bird Mississauga 1994
 Objective Memory
Catherine Widgery Objective Memory Ottawa 1994
 Grizzly Bears - Mother and Cubs
Hilary Clark Cole Grizzly Bears - Mother and Cubs Whitby 1995
 Northern Eye
Anne Harris Northern Eye Mississauga 1995
John McEwen Breath Hamilton 1995
 Morning Flight
Gerald Gladstone Morning Flight Windsor 1997
 Eves's Apple
Edwina Sandys Eves's Apple Windsor 1997
 Conflict - Korean War Memorial
Unknown Conflict - Korean War Memorial Brampton 1997
 Spaceplough II - red
Sorel Etrog Spaceplough II - red Windsor 1998
 King and Queen
Sorel Etrog King and Queen Windsor 1998
 Tower Song
Ted Bieler Tower Song Windsor 1998
Anne Harris Tohawah Windsor 1998
 Dancing Bear
Pauta Saila Dancing Bear Ottawa 1999
 Bell Measure
Stephen Cruise Bell Measure Windsor 1999
 Dancing Bear
Pauta Saila Dancing Bear Windsor 1999
 A Minute of My Time
Micah Lexier A Minute of My Time Kingston 1999
 Millenium Mast
Ron Baird Millenium Mast Pickering 2000
Ian Lazarus Consophia Windsor 2000
 Ex Ovo Omnia
Fastwurms Ex Ovo Omnia Guelph 2000
Yolanda VanderGaast Penguins Windsor 2000
Derrick Stephan Hudson Tembo Windsor 2002
Bruce Garner Elation Brampton 2003
Joe Fafard Claudia Montreal 2003
 Rafaga - Unleashed
Dam de Nogales Rafaga - Unleashed Hamilton 2004
Liz Magor Channel Oakville 2004
 Emily Carr and Friends (2)
Joe Fafard Emily Carr and Friends (2) Montreal 2005
 Tilted Spheres
Richard Serra Tilted Spheres Mississauga 2006
 Oscar's Corner
Ruth Abernethy Oscar's Corner Ottawa 2010