The 1920's

 War Memorial 1914-1919
George William Hill War Memorial 1914-1919 Harbord 1921
 Fetters Sundered
Emanuel Hahn Fetters Sundered Upper Beaches 1922
 1914-1918 War Memorial
Charles Adamson 1914-1918 War Memorial University Ave. 1923
 Boy and the Dragonfly
Rachel Hawks Boy and the Dragonfly Leaside 1923
 Edward Hanlan
Emanuel Hahn Edward Hanlan Toronto Islands 1926
Charles McKechnie Mercury Canadian National Exhibition 1926
Charles McKechnie Minerva Canadian National Exhibition 1926
 James Pliny Whitney
Hamilton MacCarthy James Pliny Whitney Ontario Parliament 1927
 The Princes Gate
Charles McKechnie The Princes Gate Canadian National Exhibition 1927
 WWI Memorial
Frances Loring WWI Memorial Queen St. 1928
 Peter Pan
George Frampton Peter Pan St.Clair Ave. 1929

Outside Toronto

Walter Allward Veritas Ottawa 1920
Walter Allward Justice Ottawa 1920
 WWI Memorial
Walter Allward WWI Memorial Stratford 1922