The 2010's

Whiten/Kipps Sculpture North York - Yonge St. (near) 2010
 Unknown (26)
Unknown Unknown (26) North York - Yonge St. (near) 2010
 Unknown (27)
Unknown Unknown (27) North York - Yonge St. (near) 2010
 Distant Bridge
Reinhard Reitzenstein Distant Bridge North York - Yonge St. (near) 2010
 Nancys Fountain
Carl Tacon Nancys Fountain York University 2010
Michael Christian Nihgtlights Distillery District 2010
 Nellie's Dream
Ron Baird Nellie's Dream Leslie St. 2010
 Double Vision
Shayne Dark Double Vision Bloor St. (near) 2010
 Mother and Child
Aharon Bezalel Mother and Child Baycrest Hospital 2010
Eldon Garnet Inversion Bloor St. (near) 2011
 The Wessel
Ilan Sandler The Wessel Bloor St. (near) 2011
 Wave Side
Marman, Borins Wave Side Lake Shore Blvd. 2011
Catherine Widgery Mindshadows Yonge St./ Eglinton St. (near) 2011
 What is Your Name
Ilan Sandler What is Your Name Yonge St./ Eglinton St. (near) 2011
 Thing's End
James Carl Thing's End Wellington St.(near) 2012
Zhang Huan Rising University Ave. 2012
 Fence on the Loose
Vito Acconci Fence on the Loose Lake Shore Blvd. (near) 2012
 Light Containers
Linda Covit Light Containers Downsview (near) 2013
 Jesus the Homeless
Timothy Schmalz Jesus the Homeless University of Toronto 2013
 Double Take
Shayne Dark Double Take Bloor St. (near) 2014
 Whatsoever You  Do
Timothy Schmalz Whatsoever You Do College St. 2014
 Shoreline Commemorative
Paul Raff Shoreline Commemorative Front St. (near) 2014
Cesta/Kruger Fountaingrove Lake Shore Blvd. (near) 2014

Outside Toronto

 Oscar's Corner
Ruth Abernethy Oscar's Corner Ottawa 2010