The 1960's

Gerald Gladstone Pylon The Danforth 1960
 A Druid's Alphabet
E.B. Cox A Druid's Alphabet Glendon College 1961
 Indian Boy with Coon
Jacobine Jones Indian Boy with Coon Leaside 1961
 The Whole Person
Lionel Thomas The Whole Person Glendon College 1961
 Complexes of a Young Lady
Sorel Etrog Complexes of a Young Lady University of Toronto 1962
Sorel Etrog Capriccio Al Green Sculpture Park 1962
 Don Mills Montage
Charles Staffer Don Mills Montage Don Mills Rd. (near) 1962
Walter Yarwood Cedars University of Toronto 1962
 Solar Net
Gerald Gladstone Solar Net University of Toronto 1963
 Untitled (4)
Ron Baird Untitled (4) Leaside 1963
 Ceremonial Figure
Sorel Etrog Ceremonial Figure University of Toronto 1964
 Flight II
Sorel Etrog Flight II University Ave. 1964
 Source I
Sorel Etrog Source I Al Green Sculpture Park 1964
 Nutrum (1)
Ron Baird Nutrum (1) Leaside 1964
Graham Coughtry Tritons Yorkdale Mall 1964
Augustin Filipovic Messenger Don Mills Rd. (near) 1964
 The Dancer (1)
Sarah Jackson The Dancer (1) Cloverdale Mall 1964
Walter Yarwood Horizon University of Toronto 1964
 Coca Cola
Walter Yarwood Coca Cola Don Mills Rd. (near) 1964
 Grande Odalisque (2)
Sorel Etrog Grande Odalisque (2) Al Green Sculpture Park (near) 1965
 Grande Odalisque (1)
Sorel Etrog Grande Odalisque (1) Al Green Sculpture Park 1965
 Man above Matter
Arthur Price Man above Matter Canadian National Exhibition 1965
Armand Vaillancourt presence York University 1965
 Rhythm of Exotic Plants
Krystyna Sadowska Rhythm of Exotic Plants North York - Yonge St. 1965
 The Crest
Walter Yarwood The Crest York University 1965
Ron Baird Butterfly Mimico 1966
 Untitled (1)
Ron Baird Untitled (1) University of Toronto 1966
Gerald Gladstone Galaxy Burnhamthorpe Rd. 1966
 Man and Woman
Louis Archambault Man and Woman Ontario Government Buildings 1966
 Tall Couple
Louis Archambault Tall Couple UofT Scarborough College 1966
Henry Moore Archer Queen St. (near) 1966
 Freedom for Hungary, Freedom for All
Victor Tolgesy Freedom for Hungary, Freedom for All Waterfront 1966
Edward Falkenberg Seals Rosedale 1966
 Survivors Are Not Heroes
Sorel Etrog Survivors Are Not Heroes University of Toronto 1967
 Fiesole (1)
Sorel Etrog Fiesole (1) Al Green Sculpture Park 1967
Ted Bieler Wave University of Toronto 1967
 Monument to the Second Century
Ron Baird Monument to the Second Century North York - Finch Ave. 1967
Alexander Calder Man York University 1967
 Midsummer Night's Dream
Wessel Couzijn Midsummer Night's Dream High Park 1967
 The Temple
Hubert Dalwood The Temple High Park 1967
 Reclining Figure
John Fillion Reclining Figure St.Clair Ave. 1967
 Three Disks
Menashe Kadishman Three Disks High Park 1967
 The Hippie
William Koochin The Hippie High Park 1967
 Untitled (1)
Krystyna Sadowska Untitled (1) Sherbourne St. 1967
 November Pyramid
Bernard Schottlander November Pyramid High Park 1967
 Flower Power
Mark di Suvero Flower Power Spadina Ave. (near) 1967
 No Shoes
Mark di Suvero No Shoes West Don Lands 1967
 Rosehill Fountain
Unknown Rosehill Fountain Rosedale 1967
 Galaxy Series no.2
Gerald Gladstone Galaxy Series no.2 Ontario Government Buildings 1967
 Healey Willan
Frances Gage Healey Willan The Guild Inn 1967
 Sir Ernest McMillan
Frances Gage Sir Ernest McMillan The Guild Inn 1967
Ron Baird 83 Canadian National Exhibition 1968
Frances Gage Rosamond Bloor St. (near) 1968
 Mother and Child
Jack Harman Mother and Child Ontario Government Buildings 1968
 Hunter with Seal
Paulosie Kanayook Hunter with Seal Ontario Government Buildings 1968
 The Pines
Walter Yarwood The Pines Ontario Government Buildings 1968
 Relief Figures
Augusts Kopmanis Relief Figures St.Clair Ave. (near) 1968
 McGillivray Fountain
Gerald Gladstone McGillivray Fountain Canadian National Exhibition 1968
Sorel Etrog Flamehand Baycrest Hospital 1969
 Unknown Student
Heinzerling/Apt Unknown Student University of Toronto 1969
 Two Forms
Henry Moore Two Forms Dundas St. 1969

Outside Toronto

Jack Harman Transcendence Vancouver 1961
 The Dancer (2)
Sarah Jackson The Dancer (2) Ottawa 1964
 Source I
Sorel Etrog Source I Hamilton 1965
 Source II
Sorel Etrog Source II Mississauga 1965
Ron Baird Triad Waterloo 1965
 The Race
William McElcheran The Race St.Catharines 1966
Armand Vaillancourt Samothrace Ottawa 1966
 Movable Gates
Ron Baird Movable Gates Oakville 1967
 Untitled (2)
Krystyna Sadowska Untitled (2) Mississauga 1967
 Polar Bear
Pauta Saila Polar Bear Kleinburg 1967
 Female Wall
Ted Bieler Female Wall Ottawa 1967
Sorel Etrog Flight Ottawa 1967
 Tribute to the Third World
Armand Vaillancourt Tribute to the Third World Quebec City 1967
 Fiesole (2)
Sorel Etrog Fiesole (2) Montreal 1967
Louis Archambault People Ottawa-Hull 1967
Augustin Filipovic Untitled Hamilton 1968