King St.

 Unknown (17)
Unknown Unknown (17) King St. 0
 Parent I
Barbara Hepworth Parent I King St. 1970
 Catch Basin
Nancy Holt Catch Basin King St. (near) 1982
 Wall and Chairs
Al McWilliams Wall and Chairs King St. 1985
 Businessman Walking
William McElcheran Businessman Walking King St. 1986
 The Encounter
William McElcheran The Encounter King St. 1986
 The Poet, The Fever Hospital
Bernie Miller The Poet, The Fever Hospital King St. 1992
 Memoire du futur
Anne and Patrick Poirier Memoire du futur King St. 1992
 City Sounds
Murray Favro City Sounds King St. (near) 1992
Georg Schmerholz Megaptera King St. 1993
 The Laws of Nature
Susan Schelle The Laws of Nature King St. 1997
 Tembo, Mother of Elephants
Derrick Stephan Hudson Tembo, Mother of Elephants King St. 2002
 Robert Gourlay
Adrienne Alison Robert Gourlay King St. 2004
 Evolution Unrolling
James McCleod Evolution Unrolling King St. 2006
 James Beaty
Adrienne Alison James Beaty King St. 2009