The Griffis Sculpture Park is a truly a unique outdoor attraction located in Ashford Hollow, south of Buffalo, in Western New York. This 400-acre seasonal sculpture park offers many enjoyable hikes among a collection of over 200 sculptures. The original park was opened to the public in 1967, and primarily accommodates the works of Larry Griffis, Jr. The giant Griffis figures are set in a meadow and they surprise viewers with their charming surrealistic character. The expanded area includes the works of the Griffis family and over 50 American and international artists. The sculptures are made of many different materials, including: welded steel, bronze, aluminum and wood. These representational figures and abstractive sculptures are spread among the park; along trails, in and around ponds, in the forest, and on the sides of hills.

This park combines outdoor activities with art, and provides fun for the whole family.